Isn’t it Ironic?

A recent post on the Managing IT in Education forum caught my eye recently. Titled “How about this for Irony?” it started with the following:

I love the irony in this.

The Department of Education has launched it’s own YouTube channel as a way of communicating with students, teachers and parents while still blocking the same service in all their institutions.

They also have their own Twitter and Facebook channels, also all blocked.




At least these are showing steps in a positive motion.

We currently block all of these sites/services, and this post has started an online discussion about this habit again. It seems that more and more schools are realising that sites like YouTube can have far more pro’s than con’s in an educational environment, and the focus of educators should be teaching online safety, rather than just blocking everything and hoping the students learn it themselves in their own time. Sometimes they do, but sometimes they do so the hard way too.

Lets see where this discussion leads, and what we can learn from it. Then maybe we’ll be able to raise the issue again at our own College/Campus.

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