How much detail do you need?

With the new stuff that I’m rolling out for Teachers to use this year I’ve been thinking about creating a Manual of sorts. What I don’t want to happen is for the stuff to sit there and never be used, though I do know one teacher who will give it all a go. Some of what I was asked for last year has not been touched, not sure if this is because the staff member concerned doesn’t know ho to use it, or just hasn’t got around to it.

Anyway, if I do create a manual on all the new stuff that we have rolled out, how much information would you as a teacher want. A brief introduction, detailed how to’s, or a bit of both? Also what format would you prefer it in, printed manual, pdf on-line, or web based and searchable?

My goal is to make using this new software as easy as possible, and to get teachers up to speed on what they can do with it. I think I’ll have to get LG involved….she is the MS Office guru now 🙂

Give me your ideas….how much detail do you need?

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